~ oh Allah ~


♥ Oh Allah...
Purify our intentions, our souls, hearts, bodies and minds.
Guide us to what is best for us, our life, our deen, and our akhira, and away form what is bad.
Surround us with goodness and happiness and love, and let us give goodness, happiness and love.
Please keep our minds and hearts full with remembrance and love towards you oh Lord.
Please Allah, I ask you with all sincerity, make us desire that which you love, and make us hate that which you hate.
Only you can change our hearts, so please, change them. ♥

Salam sayang,
Kaisara aiman,
21 june 2012..


  1. Amin =)



~ dAh hAbis bAca daH??tiNggaLkaN koMen ye...TQ;)